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Air Conditioner Replacement in Lawrence, KS 66047

June 7, 2024

“Garrett, Joe, Quinn, Chris. Thank you. AC and furnace replacement. Great company representatives. Courteous, knowledgeable and professional.”

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Other Installation in Lecompton, KS 66050

January 8, 2024

“Thank you for replacing my furnace!! Paul and Larry were so kind!! And I appreciate the communication between the both of them!”

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Air Conditioner Repair in Topeka, KS 66618

August 20, 2023

“My husband and I returned home at 10:30pm, on a Saturday night, to our AC being out. It was 111 degrees that day and the entire next week was going to be triple digits. Our house was already 81 degrees and it was still 95 outside. We called Dunco and got an answer right away,…

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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lawrence, KS 66049

July 25, 2023

“Very friendly, polite! Let me know my a/c needed to be replaced that he would call my landlord and they would get it all figured out! Next day new a/c unit and very pleased with how fast the issue was fix!”

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Air Conditioner Replacement in Lawrence, KS 66049

June 28, 2023

“Where do I start. Pre-covid I used another very popular company in town and had their maintenance program etc. they told me then that my unit was bad and needed to be replaced etc.. at that time it was 16 years old but I did not have any issues. I got a 2nd opinion from…

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Other Installation in Oskaloosa, ST 66097

June 27, 2022

“Hot day.. although the furnace was hard to gain access to…they were very professional, personable, and thorough.. works beautifully; quote was to the penny… sorry we can’t remember the fellows names. Overall Thank You!”

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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Overbrook, ST 66524

June 10, 2022

“Ryan was great! Always pleased with service from Dunco! Thank you!”

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Air Duct Replacement in Lawrence, ST 66049

May 2, 2022

“Clayton and Steve were not only professional, but also efficient and the work was completed exceptionally. Thanks Dunco for always providing outstanding service! Would never chose another HVAC company.”

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Gas Furnace Repair in Lawrence, ST 66049

December 13, 2021

“We awoke this morning to a cold house. We had family arriving today for a weekend visit. By mid-afternoon, Jason had the furnace back in service. It is now 36 degrees outside and we are so pleased that we and our guests are warm and comfy! Thank you, Dunco and Jason!”

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