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We Devour All the Dust in Your Ductwork

Air Duct Cleaning

Dunco Heating & Cooling cleans air ducts using BrushBeast—the hungriest, most powerful air duct cleaner of its kind.

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5 signs your home needs duct cleaning:

  • You have dirty supply and return registers.
  • Your air filter gets extremely dirty very quickly.
  • You have to dust your home frequently.
  • Your allergies have been acting up at home—especially when your AC or furnace comes on.
  • You’ve noticed strange odors floating about when you turn the AC or furnace system on.

How our duct cleaning process works

Step 1: Count your vents

Your technicians will look over your house to determine the number of vents to be cleaned and the best place to begin.

Step 2: Protect your home

We lay down tarps to protect your home from any particles kicked up during the duct cleaning process. We always clean up afterwards when needed.

Step 3: Clean your ductwork

We’ll go to each vent in your home and suck out all the dirt, dust and other harmful contaminants using our BrushBeast air duct cleaning machine.

An average job can take 3-4 hours. It depends on the size of your house and number of registers.

Benefits of the BrushBeast

Consumes heavy buildup

Equipped with 4 vacuum motors, the BrushBeast can remove even the heaviest build up within your duct system.

Accesses all ductwork

The BrushBeast sleek design allows us to easily access all your ductwork.

Cleans ductwork safely

Designed and built to safely clean all ductwork types, including flexible ductwork.

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