Air Conditioner Replacement in Lawrence, KS 66049

“Where do I start. Pre-covid I used another very popular company in town and had their maintenance program etc. they told me then that my unit was bad and needed to be replaced etc.. at that time it was 16 years old but I did not have any issues. I got a 2nd opinion from Dunco and said my unit was perfectly fine and running as it should. I switched my maintenance program to Dunco and ever since has been running fine and continued to tell me that the unit is getting older and the day will come to replace but for now it is good to go etc… 2 weeks ago my unit went bad on a hot day and on a Friday. They came out and fixed it on friday night so we could have cool air but ended up replacing AC, Furnace and did a free duct cleaning! Jason was the tech that talked about pricing and fixed the unit 2 weeks ago. The team that came in to replace everything was FANTASTIC! Super nice and started at 8 and finished 530. Long day but they got it done. Bought pizza for the crew and we sat around the kitchen table for lunch and chatted. They loved on my dogs and just had a great day and experience. I highly, highly recommend you only work with Dunco as they have been 100% honest with me since the beginning, offered great 0% financing for 5 years and the service was awesome. Sorry for the long review but I wanted you to know my entire experience.”

– Kitcha P.