Lawrence: 785-843-7137
Baldwin: 785-594-7137
Topeka: 855-215-5321

Hey There, We're Dunco

About Us

We believe that…

1) Pricing should be upfront, honest and clear

  • To diagnose a problem only: $79 for residential and $119 for commercial (from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday through Friday)
  • For repairs: Flat-rate pricing, meaning you’ll know the cost before we do any work
  • For in-home Installation estimates: FREE

2) We should treat you like we want to be treated

We tell our staff, “When helping a customer, pretend you’re helping your grandma.” Yeah, we’re THAT friendly. Also, you always get a live person on the phone. Isn’t that how it should be from a service company?

3) Any service company is only as good as its staff

No rookies here. Our veteran staff is:

  • Experienced (most of our staff have been here 7 years—some 10+, 15+, and some 20+)
  • Well-educated
  • Hard-working

4) You’re not a quick buck; you’re a person that deserves respect

  • You deserve a quick response time.
  • You deserve to get a second opinion from another company if you want one.
  • You deserve an honest assessment on whether you should repair or replace something.

5) You should keep dollars local

We sell and install York® home comfort products, which are built by Kansans, and installed by Kansans.